Wednesday, April 9, 2008

For Immediate Release

Attention! Look! Everyone WATCH OUT!!!!

Your blog is standardizing you! It's another venue to keep you like everyone else! Check, reference, be sure that your opinion coheres with the general opinion.

Advertise yourself and your thoughts - but do not, DO NOT as you do this, waver from an acceptable way of thinking, pick a side but maintain a standing within some extreme of the established spectrum. Deny, DENY with all your might that the world is three dimensional - keep to your one dimensional opinion and you'll be fine.
Maybe, if you're a "highly creative individual," you spread out into the world of the plane. You creep up or down from the line, you veer off the well-trodden path.

But when, with a BLOG, can you move forward or backward?
When can you spin upside-down in a senseless, impossibly open universe?
How can you type out your autonomy on a standardized venue which caters so essentially to our human instinct to herd and follow?

This is the quietest rebellion. Even more silent and futile than rolling your eyes at the parent demanding that you clean your room. "Don't even THINK about it!" they cry, with tears welling up at the corners of their eyes.