Monday, January 18, 2010

Copenhagen, Germany... Why did I wait so long to post???

I have so much to tell and so little time!! My Christmas break was actually busier than I expected, so I did not get a chance to write about my experience in Copenhagen at the COP15 summit. However, have no fear - there is a link!

Here are some more images from Copenhagen 7 December to 12 December - the first week.

Daniel Lau from Australia on the 28th day of his fast. Climate Justice Fast participants consumed nothing but salt and water starting as early as the Barcelona Climate talks on Nov. 6. They promised not to eat until a 'fair, ambitious and binding' deal would be reached. Finally on Dec. 20, they ended the 44 day fast in disappointment at what Copenhagen failed to achieve.

Lumumba Di-Aping, ambassador from Sudan and head of the G77-China group, right, and Bernarditas de Castro Muller, negotiator for the G77-China group from the Philippines, left, attend a press conference Dec. 9.

The tombstone of the military-industrial complex, one of several figurative funerals held in Christiania during the two week summit. Christiania is a hippie commune in the center of Copenhagen that has operated independently of the city since the 1970s. Other funerals (one each day) celebrated the death of such perceived vices as Capitalism, Egoism and the American Dream.

Inside the Bellona installation at the Rådhusplass.

Marius Holm, Nestleder of Bellona and Conference Delegate

Mari A Sæther, Deputy Director General of the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment

Dr Robert W Corell, recipient of the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) Lifetime Achievement Award

An interactive display in Bellona's area of the delegation hall

Next, I went home for a few weeks of good home cooking and catching up.

Finally it was time for a Deutschland adventure!!

First Erlangen, then a day in Nuremberg:
Mario's friend - an excellent tour guide!

The Zeppelin Field Grandstand - the only part of Hitler's planned Reich Party Rally Grounds to be completed and used for Nazi rallies.

Now there is a ladies' toilet where Hitler might have entered onto the grandstand.

Across a frozen lake: what would have been the largest stadium to date, planned by the Nazi architect Albert Speer, was never completed. The building has now been integrated into the Documentation Center.

Dokumentationszentrum at the Reichsparteitagsgelände

 Up to the Nuremberg castle

A view from the castle - the towers of Saint Sebald

Und jetzt, Berlin!

Guys selling wurst out of bizarre, one-man-band-style contraptions

Das Fernsehturm (big TV tower)
The German Constitution
Interesting architecture over the river
Entrance to the Reichstag

The view from the glass dome on top of the Reichstag
Brandenburger Tor from above

 Looking down through glass ceiling at where the Deutsch parliament sits

Architecture within the glass dome
Berliner Dom and Das Fernsehturm
The Victory Column

This is where things got creepy... I found my name on a piece of the wall!

 Checkpoint Charlie!
 My gracious host switched sides... 20 years too late!