Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Years Eve - Sydney 2012

We arrived at the New Years Eve barbecue a few hours later than planned, due to some unexpected return-travel-plan drama. All the trains and buses were sold out for departures from Sydney on Sunday, January 2nd. To make a long story short, after several hours worrying, calling and cursing the unbelievably slow free wifi in the mall cafeteria, we had come to some sort of a solution. More on that later.... At any rate, we were very happy to have made it through the tough security in the city to the North Sydney party.

...and what a view!! We were right on the harbour, with a direct view of the bridge, Opera House, Luna Park and the skyscrapers downtown. All of which, we came to find out, would be lit up fantastically as the night went on. As it got dark, the many boats in the harbour also showed they had some surprises up their sleeves. But while there was still some light, we kept ourselves entertained by the pool-side watching stunt pilots draw spirals and inspirational phrases in the sky.

Somehow we pulled together some of the best barbecue food we have made for ourselves in a long time. The corn was fresh, the salad was crunchy and the steak was out-of-this-world delicious!

Luna Park- Sydney's old fashioned amusement park - sold tickets for the big night for those who wanted to sit atop the big ferris wheel to watch the fireworks

The Australian flag atop the harbour bridge, and the strange, amorphous light shape - ringing in the new year with a somewhat ambiguous message celebrating innovative  ideas. (It's a thought bubble!)

The "kids fireworks" at 9pm

Oooh Aahh

Then, at 12am the Real fireworks show blew us away. There were fireworks everywhere - from the tops of the skyscrapers, under the bridge, off of two separate beaches... all coordinated, since it is illegal to set off private fireworks displays in Oz


The ghosts of exploded fireworks drifts across the sky

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imager48 said...

The fireworks video is awesome. Wish I was there but this transports me.