Sunday, July 29, 2012

First installment of Australian Adventure photos - courtesy of Delia

The first excellent Australian adventure is over, the second to begin in 2 months. What a great time it was! My friend Delia and I drove from Brisbane to Cairns, then hopped a flight to Darwin and toured down to Alice Springs, stopping at Katherine Gorge, Devils Marbles, Uluru, Kata Tutja and Kings Canyon along the way. We dove the Great Barrier Reef, went on a three day sailing trip in the Whitsundays, spent a night in the rainforest and met some really interesting people!

Below are photos Delia took with her camera. She got some great shots and I wanted to share these first since it's a great overview of the whole trip. Later, I'll post the photos I took with my camera. Enjoy!

Our host in Mooloolaba - the multi-talented Matt could sing, play guitar and harmonica, John Lee Hooker blues style

Fraser Island 4WD tour

Water vines sound hollow when you knock on them, but they are actually full of water, just like a curly straw!

A real live dingo! There are lots of warnings about dingos on Fraser Island. This one looks quite well fed. Maybe it snacked on the beached whale that met its unfortunate and untimely death a little ways up the beach.

A lovely walk around Noosa Heads

Golden orb spider (?) the size of my face!!!

Happy male kangaroo who was munching on green neighborhood lawns in Tannum Sands

Our host in Tannum Sands taught us a new "sport" called Bed Jump. We had a lot of fun playing charades and then taking these silly pictures.

Delia on the beach in front of the Solway Lass, the 100 year old sailing vessel, which was our home for three rainy days and three nights

It had a rope swing, which we enjoyed, despite the rain, wind and cold

This lovely fish made funny sounds when it chomped on algae and coral

Our route on the Solway Lass. It lists all the places we went to.

Lovely day for a hike
These little ants carry a high concentration of vitamin C on their bellies. If you lick them, you can taste it!

At the summit. If you look really closely, you can see our ship in the background! (not)

Welcome to the Great Barrier Reef, ladies. Your helicopter awaits!

Back in Cairns

Awesome sign in the Daintree National Forest

Saying goodbye to our little car

Time for a pedicure!

At the Devil's Marbles

Arriving in Alice Springs with our group

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imager48 said...

Love the photos in Helicopter, underwater, roe diving, bed jumping, at the marbles .... Looks like some memories were made !