Saturday, February 16, 2008

Help me help you!


if you please,

here it is! Again again again again again...! ...A BLOG!
Until now I had played Bartleby - "I would prefer not to," to, to... to blog! To post my whats, whens, wheres and hows for no one or everyone or anyone.

I'll post photographs. Or I will post nothing. Or I will post words, erratically strung together like lumpy pieces of stale pop-Pop-POP-*POPCORN!* on a string!

These hundreds of thousands of strings of ones and zeros strung together, spun around themselves into threads, woven into sheets, sewn around lumpy cotton imagination into some several-dimensional space and this is my blog. This is just mine, just one of the [insert broad, vaguely researched, hyperbolic, yet still potentially convincing qualifier here] [OR according to December 2007 Technorati blog search engine estimate, 112 million*] blogs on the internet.
So who could possibly be interested in reading this one?

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