Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Even Blogger has turned Norwegian! Thankfully guessed "Logg på" meant "Log in"

Went to Prague last week with 7 others from UiO. We were there from Wednesday until Sunday. We did a lot, saw even more.... I should just let the photographs speak for themselves.

One day with a little rain; the mist over Praha!

Atop the castle hill, not looking down but back at myself.


The world-famous, 600-year-old astronomical clock in Old Town Square.

Interesting facade

Bottom part of the astronomical clock (added in the 1800s). Contains the traditional signs of the zodiac surrounded by a ring of circles representing the months of the year (depict harvest activities) enclosed by an outer circle with 365 names. A marker at the top indicates the day.
At a picnic on the banks of the Vltava river we celebrated the name day of our new French friend, Christopher. He randomly joined our group on the way to our impromptu picnic, and we were all glad he did as he sang us cute french songs.

The clock counts as one of the oldest still-functioning machines. These sculptures, added around 1490, perform an interesting little play every hour. The skeleton (death) rings his bell and nods his head while Vanity, Greed and the pagan Turk shake their heads "no!"

A viewing bubble above the city.

Prague castle in the distance.

13th Century Old New Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter. Clock in Hebrew, read backwards, on building behind.

Franz Kafka riding the shoulders of a headless giant through the streets of his home-town, as described in his short story "A Dream."

The House of the Black Madonna - Cubist building, architectural novelty.

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