Saturday, August 15, 2009


Norway is fantastic! I have been so busy since my arrival on Monday evening it's been impossible to sit down and blog a bit. However, to make good on my promise to my hundreds of glowing fans (hahaha), I'll give a brief run-down of what's been going on... IN OUTLINE FORMAT!

I. Flight
A. Next day arrival, delay, taxi
II. Too many bags
A. My parents = porters?
i. They were great :)
III. Housing
A. Shortages
B. Electricity issues
i. Note to self: Do not plug US 60Hz surge protector into 50Hz outlet. EXPLOSIVE noises and fumes will occur!
C. Dynne: [Norwegian] noun, a usually down-filled quilt, often with a removable cover; comforter.
D. Roommate
i. Very nice and clean Bosnian/Croatian guy; IT major
IV. Administrative
A. 5 billion log-ins for different accounts at school, new bank, etc etc... EVERYTHING here is computer/internet-based. Nobody writes personal checks anymore!
B. Police station odyssey
i. Had to arrive at 7am for an 8:30 opening at the police station to have residence permit stamped into my passport. But it was kind of worth it... I mean, it's a really cool stamp! haha It's got my picture and holograms - verrrry official!
C. "Take a numbers" everywhere... I mean, EVERYWHERE... you know? Numbers like you get at the deli counter? But you take them to talk to people at the phone store, the Trafikanten (Central Oslo metro station spot to get monthly student passes for the "T-Bane" - Norwegian metro)
V. Fun
A. Vigelands Park experience (sublime: temperature, breeze, weather, park, art, hot air balloons floating about...)

B. Transportation
i. T-Bane
> Stops running around 12:30, though the clubs stay open until 2. So one night after a party organized by the school, I had to hitch a ride with another international student with a couple of wonderfully kind Norwegian boys who were waiting to pick up their girlfriends later in the night. What luck!!!!
ii. (MY NEW) Bicycle named "Begerka!!!!" ("Boogie" for short)
> Graciously donated for FREE by my administrative advisor at school. It's a Diamant - Norwegian brand 15 speed with a back rack :)
iii. Ferry - Super cool way to get from Oslo city out to the peninsula Bygd√ły, where several museums are located.
C. IKEA adventures
i. Huge, just like in the US... and comparable prices!
D. Buddy groups
i. Orientation groups assigned by the school. Though three of us who met on the first day have been trading off and attending each others' buddy group activities, depending on which events most tickle our fancy!

Now off to unpacking and meeting up with some other Fulbrighters and my new Australian friends for some drinks at a football (soccer) pub.

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wow I really love the blog!!! I cant wait to see more :D